During this session today, your team will share district/charter accomplishments. You will share progress of how teachers, administrators, and central office staff:
  • Embrace common core and essential standards, build instructional capacity, improve professional development capacity, engage 21st century learners, evaluate educators effectively
  • Equip staff with specific tools to carry out the work
  • Empower teachers, administrators, and central office staff to lead the initiative

You will also have an opportunity to share evidence of your accomplishments.

Active Learning

Directions for activity:

As an LEA/Charter Table Group, create a graphic organizer on a piece of chart paper. Be sure to indicate your LEA/charter name.
Record specific activities that you have successfully implemented/completed using the following criteria:
  • Embrace
  • Equip
  • Empower
  • Evidence

Select one person at your table to share at least one idea indicated under each ā€œEā€.
Display your poster for your colleagues to view throughout the remainder of the training. You can click on the link below to view the questions as you complete the activity.

Questions for 4 "E" activity

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