Please make sure that you have completed the following survey prior to your Fidelity Support Session. This survey is REQUIRED for all participants. It was most likely emailed to you ahead of time. If you did not receive and/or complete the survey, please take a moment to answer the 3-question survey now.

Now that we have celebrated progress and accomplishments, critiqued and collaborated on our work, it's time to synthesize our results and create new goals and next steps.

Overview of the Continue section:
  • Review the rubric completed today as you evaluated your progress in each area. During this part of our session, teams will establish goals and action steps based on the rubric data.
  • We recommend the SMART Goal setting process. This process is also important in the Professional Development Plan phase of the North Carolina Educator Evaluation System.
  • Again, we attend to our poster. Focus on the Next Steps section.

Setting Goals and Next Steps

Our goals for today are:
  • Revisit the rubric data for your district/charter
  • Establish goals based on SMART criteria
  • Outline action steps to achieve goals.

District Improvement

Read the article.
8 Forces for Leaders of Change

Enter one major thought from this article into TitanPad.


Click on the resources below for more information about SMART goals.

Writing SMART Goals for your District/Charter

  1. Write 2 or 3 SMART Goals for your District/Charter.
  2. Once you have discussed your goals and perfected them as a group, add them to the Next Steps section of your poster.
  3. Enter your SMART Goals, action steps and evidences in the Google Form below.

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