During the Critique section, your team will complete a self-assessment to determine your progress. You will assess progress toward:
  • Summer Institute goals
  • Building instructional capacity
  • Improving professional development capacity
  • Engaging 21st century learners
  • Evaluating educators effectively

Summer Institute 2012 Poster

Revisit the goals you wrote on your Summer Institute 2012 poster.

What puzzle pieces for meeting the goals were missing?
  • Gaps in planning of professional development plan
  • Gaps in implementation of professional development plan
  • Gaps in monitoring the professional development plan
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Rubric - Information Processing: Organizing and Integrating

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Write the district goals from the Summer Institute 2012 poster on the top part of the Fidelity Check rubric. There is one copy per table, but all participants may access the rubric here:
Fidelity Check Fall 2012 Rubric

Work in pairs and as group to complete this section.

  • Pair up for sections of rubric.
  • With your partner, review the statements.
  • Choose ratings for each statement in the section.
  • Pairs take turns sharing with whole group.
  • Group responds and gives feedback.
    • Agree because…
    • Disagree because…
    • Can we discuss further…
    • Let's discuss our evidence used here...


Group Reflection:
  • Identify 3-5 areas where your district/charter needs more support. Highlight or note this on your rubric.
  • Discuss ideas for mid-course corrections to your district/charter professional development plan

Good of the Group

In a whole-group discussion,
  • Deconstruct the process of completing the rubric.
  • Discuss implications of rubric: possible use with staff, in small-group professional learning communities, with individual teachers.

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