During this differentiated portion on today's Fidelity Check, LEAs and Charters will analyze their own data and work together on professional development goals and plans as indicated by their data discoveries.

Activity: Gauging our Level of Data Analysis

Take a few moments, as a team, to review the Levels of Data Analysis Self Assessment handout. PDF Format


  • Discuss your LEA/Charter's level of data analysis.
  • Think about district level, specific schools, and individuals as you consider each level. It is possible to have different stakeholders functioning at different levels.
  • Discuss, as a team, how to continue to move toward level 5.
  • If you are at level 5 at the LEA level, school level, and individual level, recall the most challenging aspects of the journey and how you overcame those challenges.

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What data points are you using?... at AnswerGarden.ch.

Activity: Data Choices

During this activity teams will choose one or more of the tasks below to complete during the work time provided.

Choice 1

Data Discussion

6 data line.jpg

Choice 2

"Weed your Garden"

6 garden.jpg

Choice 3

Data Point Analysis

6 points.jpg

Choice 4

The Logic Model

6 bubble people.jpg

Choice 5Educator Effectiveness
6 clipart-pencil-checklist.jpg

Choice 6Working on the Work
6 team.jpg

Choice 7Data Profile Analysis
6 analysis.jpg

Choice 8Discovering NewResources===6 online.jpg===

Choice 9Guskey's 5 Critical Levels of PD Evaluation
bubble guy.jpg

Team Time Resources

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“The resources provided during the course of this NCDPI training have been helpful to some educators across the state. However, due to the rapidly changing resources available, the NCDPI does not represent nor endorse that these resources are the exclusive resources for the purposes outlined during this training."