This table talk will provide an opportunity for educators to discuss how they are evaluating professional development with an emphasis on Guskey's level five.

Questions for Consideration

How are instructional personnel, district level administrators, site-based administrators, and instructional personnel supporting the implementation of professional development? (level 3)

How are organizational structures changing as a result of professional development (level 3)?

How is your LEA/Charter measuring use of new knowledge and skills gained through professional development (level 4)?

How is your LEA/Charter measuring student outcomes as a result of professional development (level5)?

What steps does your LEA/Charter need to take to ensure you are reaching all levels of professional development evaluation?

Resources for Consideration

NSCD Professional Development Evaluation Guide: This research-based resource provides a step by step plan for effectively evaluating professional development.

8 Smooth Steps - Solid Footwork Makes Evaluation of Staff Development a Song: This article by Killion, published by the National Staff Development Council, provides 8 steps all instructional leaders should consider as they evaluate professional development.

Evaluating Professional Development Article: According to Thomas Guskey, "Just as we urge teachers to plan carefully and make ongoing assessments of student learning an integral part of the instructional process, we need to make evaluation an integral part of the professional development process." This article provides insight into how to evaluate your professional development with fidelity.

Guskey's Five Critical Levels of Professional Development Implementation: This table provides questions to be asked, methods of gathering information, what is measured per each level, and how to use data to make crucial decisions.

Guskey Level 3 Jigsaw Resources for Administrators:This activity was designed for large groups of administrators to develop a better understanding of how Guskey's Level 3 relates to their administrative roles and how they can support the professional development efforts of their teachers.

NSDC Evaluation Guide: This guide, prepared by the National Staff Development Council, urges the planners of professional development evaluation to use this guide to inform evaluation design and to make choices among design options and data collection strategies that will add rigor while, at the same time, recognizing limits in capacity and resources.

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“The resources provided during the course of this NCDPI training have been helpful to some educators across the state. However, due to the rapidly changing resources available, the NCDPI does not represent nor endorse that these resources are the exclusive resources for the purposes outlined during this training."