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Presentations (these may vary slightly because of different time, facilities, etc.):

Process Planning Activity:
Paper Copy

Stoplight Sort - Once your LEA/Charter has agreed on a response, put the answers into this form.

Evaluating Professional Development:

Samples of Professional Development Evaluations:
Here is an article by Thomas Guskey about the 5 levels of professional development evaluation that was shared at the Summer Institute.

A Model Approach to Implementing the New SCOS:
Answer key to Clarifying Objectives Sort:

Reference items:

Video: Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts, by Edutopia (

Video Reflection Questions:
  1. How does this teacher respect the needs of 21st century learners?
  2. How is she an example of a 21st century educator?
  3. How do students in the video demonstrate the 4 C's (1. Creativity and Innovation, 2. Creative thinking and problem-solving, 3. Communication, 4. Collaboration)?
  4. What types of literacies did you observe in this video? Why are they important?
  5. How does the teacher create an environment that requires students to think critically?
  6. How does this teacher prepare students to be globally competitive?

Lesson Plans for 21st Century Skills Activity:

  • Additional Resources to help with lesson plan activity:


Analyze Resources and Needs: to respond. Type your answer.
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Reflective Learning Organizations:
Continuous Improvement Article - Richard DuFour
What is a Professional Learning Community Article - Richard DuFour
Characteristics of a Reflective Learning Organizations

School Culture Triage Article
Template to think about how you are using PLCs to implement the new Standard Course of Study:

Generate SMART Goals to Determine Next Steps:

A few SMART Goal Samples:

Here are some other books that discuss SMART goals and their use in PLCs.
O'Neill, J., & Conzemius, A. (2006). The power of smart goals, using goals to improve student learning. Bloomington, IN: Solution Tree.
DuFour, R., DuFour, R., & Eaker, R. (2008).Revisiting professional learning communities at work, new insights for improving schools. Bloomington, IN: Solution

Assess the state of policies in your LEA/Charter and be prepared to discuss at the Spring 2012 Fidelity Check.

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